Monday, 25 December 2017


Still summat traumatised by what happened to my head, but by now most of the damage has been charted and things are starting to heal. I'm starting to get the scabby itchy sense of it. Guessing it's a day or two from when I begin to scratch myself like a monkey :P

But holidays are behind us and it was lovely. Calm, and lovely. No drama, no excess, no nausea from over-eating. MyMaja gave me four capsules of some natural remedy to sooth the tummy in case of crazed binging, I spent none. I tasted everything, just with a smaller spoon. The first dinner was at the General's family, they went to mass at midnight while I read bits of Rebecca (Du Maurier, 1938) or The Graveyard Book (Gaiman) currently in my bag besides Socrates and Ko Un. We had lovely lovely "don't touch my hair!" sex, before all the food, although I am sleepy a lot lately, having switched from coffee to cocoa and being awake mostly at night instead of the morning. Though bleaching my head to blisters did somewhat adrenaline me up.

As always, General was too adorable - after we've done all the shopping, he said 'I forgot a thing' and made us return to the shopping centre, manoeuvring me to the bookstore corner, as if 'well? pick one'. I got all mushy and started hugging and kissing him, but as a complete amateur, i didn't have a wish list ready in my bleached brain, so I asked to get me one from my on-line wish list - the Lens Culture Vol.1 I've had my eye on for a while. That shouldn't happen again - I should ALWAYS have at least one or two books on the tip of my tongue when I get a surprise push into a bookstore. Newb.

The next day 'dinner' was at my parent's place, a simple family affair. less fighting than usual. You can never tell with my family - either it's best ever, the coolest family ever, or they make me want to kill myself. We got frying pans, something I've been asking for for a while, since I only have one by now (having broken or murdered the previous two). Bruh gave us his home-pressed olive oil, the real deal. I haven't had a chance to get a proper prezzie for G yet, but in his case I at least have a list of possible trinkets, depending on what drops. Sniper scope for his new rifle being at the top of the list. His fav shoes being on the bottom.

People make so much food - I mean we have so much food at home right now ... It's sick. All of it so good. Between a Marlenka cake I've confiscated and everything packed in the fridge, we'll be stacked till New year's. When the entire cycle begins anew :D

Made mum the four portraits of family dogs as per their personalities: the chill Rottweiler, the Louis XIV of Kokerspaniels, the dumbfounded Beagle and a truly golden Retrieve. Spot on.Off to sleep now. It's the culling at General's family's farm tomorrow. Nasty time. I loathe the idea of murder. But I try to be scholarly about it.