Monday, 18 December 2017

Paterson (2016, J.Jarmusch)


The only thing better than the movie Paterson are the reviews I'm reading about it, written by people who furiously rated it very poorly. Saying it should be used as a torture device to extract information criminals. Saying how confusing the 'wife' character was, which must have something to do with her being from a Middle Eastern culture. Saying how the clapping in the audience at the end was actually a woman slapping her husband awake. How the only interesting about it was the dog. How nothing happens and you hope it will but nothing ever does. How the retarded wife was at least hot. How there is absolutely no plot, no point, no story. Why would someone make a film like this at all?

One can derive two conclusions from people who write such reviews: one - had one filmed THEM for six days, it would make their lives and this film seem like Avengers by comparison. Two 
- these people probably never even heard of any of the authors P has on is book shelf, yet alone ever opened one of those books. 

This marks the fifth film in which Driver's feet have attention drawn them. I'm noting this ever since they were filmed at least twice in close-up in Tracks.he's 6.2, his feet can't be that big. 44, maybe? General wears 46 and his feet aren't special-looking at all. 

Granted, I haven't seen most of Driver's films, because he's been known to choose stuff a little too heavy even for me from time to time...

I don't agree with the Japanese gentlemen in the last scene. I don't think translations are like showering with a raincoat on. For sure I've come across some such bad ones I'd sue the translator if I was the author. But I've read translations better than originals as well. How would people know of poems from places they've never been without translations? They are not sacred texts to be kept secret. Don't be aloof, hot Japanese poet mister. it doesn't suit you. 

Off to watch Mother! now. Unrelated. Just saying.