Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Because the outside is dreary, because Piček comes home from work at 6am and  then needs to catch up on his sleep, because I refuse to work in the holiday season - and one can't play WoW all day every day no matter hom much fun the new instances are - due to Maintenance.. I am determined to a) lose weight b) walk around a bit more and c) tame my camera ALL IN ONE GO! Continously driven by Zemotion's ability to take such fucking stunning shots of EVERYTHING she takes shots of, I know some of it is the camera, but most of it is the photographer, which is I, therefore I am. Mwuah. Okay. Sugar deprivation is starting to get to my brain. Take away the chocolate and it's not my boobs or butt that diminish, it's my gray matter. Or at least that bit that keeps one mentally stabile. The hypo's talamus thingie? :p