Wednesday, 23 December 2009


We had 'Ribbe' lunch at sis's yesterday, where Mags made this really really delicious ribs with a crunchy crust and it was just right - salty, juicy, tasty enough to be perfect. They made potatoes with onions and veggies for along, and since I am dieting and all the food tastes way better now, it was the best meal I've had all week. (Okay, besides that one bit of chocolate Piček allowed me to eat, which I washed down with honeyed orange juice. That was pretty damn perfect, too :P)
            We talked about Avatar, but probably because I said I will probably like it - and because the last movie of the similar promotional pomp they saw was 2012 - sis started getting into my face about how this much money can go for making such shit. She doesn't like science fiction, or in fantasy fiction of any kind and fails to enjoy the subplots and costumes and music and inside jokes of those kind of movies (exactly why I like them so much), and would not believe when I argued that it took about 1o years to make it and during that time an enormous amount of people, nerds, were probably being paid to do what they love: program advanced graphics. She thinks the stars of the movie each got 8o million and because it's just speical effects, it's trash.  Like 2012 was. Seriously, in that movie CHINA comes to meet the Americans. I didn't say I blame her.

             I do wish I could drag them to the theatre and let them see it, though. With all the reference in Lie to Me and Bones and other inner business promotion, and okay reviews and so on, I could only hope the movie will be watchable. But I am feeling alive for having seen it. I think that if she could get over the urge to disagree with me on a cellular level, she's love it for all the animals and plants..
             It is just linear, just predictable enough to allow the audience to take in all that magic of Pandora. One would want to start studying biology, geology and ethnology all over again, if the planet didn't - darn it all! - happen to be fiction. It usually happens to me in winter, my botanical urges kicking in. And it is an excellent view on what would happen with America, if the natives there weren't such fucking idiots. They were willing to slaughter one another for 3o gallons of booze. The sad truth is, Jake's warning was right - if people start coming, all that there is would be parking lots and shopping malls and ugly factories and racist extermination of the natives and so on. It is a story of the US, but with a tiny happy ending. Unfortunately, what i know of men, is that they tend to invest their last dime, last breath, into making weapons of mass destruction and returning...

But here are my favorite scenes: - When the sacred seeds start coming to Jake again and he whacks one off.
                - When Jake is so happy to be a Na'vi, he pokes and drums on every plant he can
                - When Neytiri is told SHE must be the one to teach him and she growls girlishly in frustration
                - The first time the little black salamander starts to twirl with that amazing propeller
                - When Jake is admitted to the community and the clan forms a sort of dreamcatcher embrace
                - Praying for Dr. Augustine
                - How scrawny and ugly Jake's legs really are in his diminished human body
                - All the bioluminescence and how they squat when they fly
                - The floating hills, of course :D
           There are so many things you have never seen before. The ridiculously large mining machine, the brainds with nerve ends that connect to things (And Dr. Augustine say "Don't play with that, you'll go blind." as if it's an intimate area. LOL.)