Thursday, 17 December 2009

Baking day :D

On a strict diet (not so bad as I remember and Piček is a lovely help), I am having a large glass of orange and appricot juice with some honey (that so far refuses to melt, because our kitchen has some 9'C) and so that I don't freeze to death, we're warming the studio up somewhat. Other than that the day is lovely and I'm going to prove it to you. :p I have to go up to my parent's house to deliver the meat from the slaughter and I want to do that on foot, so as I can take pickies :D

Mum and I made cookies for eight hours straight. My feet hurt so much I don't know how I'm gonna get from the chair to the bed :D Suuuuch bad baking cardio :D I barely sampled any and there must have been 3oo of them, different and spicey and decorated. It was so much fun. I love it when mum is almost completely herself and pretty much everything is a surreal good time. Dad came and went, mostly napping in the other room, visiting only so he could snatch a handful for himself and the dogs.. Dogs tried to eat me when  smelled of slaughter!  Kind of a scary moment, thinking what if they weren't such cuddly little fat balls of fur?
          Anyhoo, that was just the first round. We purchased more 'shapes' since and a couple of more decor experiments and we'll give it another go on my next drop-by.
           Kinda funny, baking all day and not eating anything - not even wanting to. I feel like a nun in town - simply not tempted by any of the shop windows :p

Am writing zombie short stories called "Baker on judgment day". It's short stories with zombies in it. 8D