Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Dawgies and churches and storms oh my! ..... :P

Our country is just SO overrun with churches :S

Castle. Nice castle. >.<
I had a delightful walk again - this time the clouds and the sun were doing their polka dance again. I'm getting closer to where I want to be with my photography - it is of course the matter of the light, obviously. And I made my first attempt at tortillas! :D It was actually really good. Mixed veggies and minced meat and 5 year old spices and pre-made corn pancake thingies... And ketchup and flour... Real good. After my pancake-noodles-in 'instant' soup plus pancakes for desert, this is my second almost lunch :D Go me!

Geez, you think there's gonna be a storm?

And the dawgies :D Such delight. I called Tara to come pose like Emi did and she ran straight into the lense giving me a nigh black eye :p