Saturday, 5 December 2009

Man, my tummy aches so much I am exhausted!

Sis and BF joined Piček & moi in a game of Yahtzee and we were laughing so hard, I nigh peed myself. And it's not just the faces or comments we were making, the looks we gave one another or ridiculous chances we had, but it got so far that we were actually laughing at each-other for laughing the way we did. Which leads nowhere! I am still chuckling - albeit the really annoying pain. But that was not the worst bit.. Worst bit was when I challenged Piček to a drop of poker (four of a kind) and began to take a sip of coke. He smacked the cup down and got 4 sixes in the first go and I choked on a coke so badly, I could nor inhale nor exhale, only continue to drown in coke, which was burning through my nose and felt like it's coming out with my tears. Not the worst death imaginable, drowning in a sip of coke, everything else darkness and people trying to pat you and pat the spurted splashes of coke all over the desk in front of you... But then the trouble started, because afterwards, whenever I tried to take another sip, I started laughing like a village idiot and after two hours was really really thirsty, unable to drink. No other glass or bottle or straw helped. I was beginning to get a headache from draught (we consta ate chips and smokies, so our kidneys were starting to complain).. God, that was so ridiculous.

Of course Piček, who played this thorough the entire high-school pwned the thing and my sis or I can't count single-digit numbers, so the scores remain a mystery (though it's safe to assume Piček won every time).. 

Anyhoo... I reek of cigarettes and can barelly sit up straight from the musclefieber... So cool. So cool.