Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dungeons and Balta

Yesterday has been a very interesting day. Although I am having nightmares about dad's health, I find sleep very comforting and cushy - perhaps because Piček is home and we can sleep a bit, get up, sleep a bit again when we feel like it, get up again.. We went to bed at 2am today and at 7 I am already up. It's Sunday and the warm spell seems to be over as it's again only 2°C and raining gently outside.

               In the real world, I have offered a young Turkish man to have a photo monographie with me, proposing we call it "Night and day", referring to the opposites of our photographic approaches.

Yes, that is a Mark II.. :D
"Night and day" hypothetical cover
He is a coy and romantic creature with similar thoughts and frustrations about art, and similar talent. I'm pretending for a few days that this is actually a friend, because it feels good to have a friend again. Even if it's just a fleeting illusion, I like it. It feels somewhat similar to what Pinky made me feel, although he got les of the 'sexy big sister' vibe and a lot more of the snobbish bitch. Balta turns me on in a sense that I am seriously considering publishing my travel shots - opposite to his delightful studio shots...
              On a related subject, I have lost almost 1o pounds since Piček is dieting me. Eating wisely, walking somewhat and having a lot of sex certainly does it's trick. And I am a sucker for results.

But that's not the *interesting part yet*. This is: Blizzard has installed a new Looking For Group search engine into WoW and I love it. You basically open a window that is going to look for you for a random heroic dungeon and five slots with three options + one open, where you get to be a) tank, b) healer or c) any of the three DPS, plus you can mark that you are familiar with the dungeon and can thus be a leader. It's SO neat. Piček and I just kept joining as a group, our first time playing in PUGs ever, and even if somebody left or got DCed, the leader just summoned a new one and we carried on. The search calls you into the dungeon cca 1o minds after you've complied and then returns you to where you were. We must have done some 14 runs last night! And I went to be first! This game is really favoring dungeon players, as wearing the crests of various factions also gives you points and just by wearing one whilst in heroic instance, I became exalted with the Ardents and revered with the Wyrmrest. In addition we got about 5 marks of Triumph each time, 75 of which earn you a T9 gear item and every day you gain two Marks of .. something freezy..., which also accumulate to the price of a nasty gear. The money earned went mostly for repairs and some groups were frantic, other just plain sucked and the newest *roll* system asks not just Need or Greed but if an enchanter is present also Disenchant? and you get the powders or shards. Really very very pleasant and organized.
             The slow spell about WoW is suddenly broken - and just in time, too, because we were starting to feel bad about our lack of ambition to play - and it's the holidays! I have to get back to doing cooking dailies and finding herbs, because I want good food and potions... And I have to get my professions up - my alchemist needs to become specialized and my Kesi needs to skill up engineering, because some of the dungeons offer goodies to 4o5 engineers.

It has been a fun weekend indeed. And it's not even half over yet. If I go into the book business with Balta, I will have to learn how to multitask, because I want the picture-book out as well, soon, and playing Warcraft and successfully dieting in the meanwhile is an excellent morale booster :p