Friday, 18 December 2009


Oh, for the love of God, I've been crying all afternoon. Seriously - I've been crying like rain. And I'm not even sad! I'm just... crying. Piček didn't want to go to a shop with me, that's how it started, but when we did go and had quite a lot of fun, throwing an eye on Potential Porky 2.0, I started to cry again, because all kitchen appliances were lately so retro, so 5o's style. I mean, I loved it that they were. And then we had coffee and I cried because I thought of a really really said song by the tsar of Yugo ballads, Balašević, and then cried some more because I love Piček so much. I hope he doesn't age prematurely, because I am such high maintenance...We got home and *listened* to the ballad and I wept like a waterfall and Piček was cradling his chin and shaking his head: "You realize this is not normal, don't you?"
             Absolutely no idea why, but I really feel like crying today. Crying. Not sad or anything like that. Just crying. Crying crying crying. I bought dad the Suzan Boyle CD and re-watched her performance on Britain's Got talent and cried all over again. I am actually really good at this :D

* The song by Đorđe Balašević is about a man whose father was very poor ( poor poor, like owing one pair of shoes thorough three generations poor, not like today's poor, when you are considered unfortunate if you fail to afford a new Blackberry every year.) and needed to feed seven hungry mouths, and his mild, quiet mother died hard-working at thirty - something.. This man loved a pretty girl, but she was also penniless, so he left her to go pursue "raven horses, running on the knolls, fruitful fields, graceful vineyards, a watch on a golden chain and suchlike.. And though marrying his master's daughter, he eventually achieved all of the above.. But he wasn't happy and he was known to every tavern owner as a drunk and gambler - he drank and gambled all the time, to drown his sorrow, but couldn't. So one day he died of a stroke, simply nodding off, bowing his head as if falling asleep, in the middle of the match. His last words were: devil take all the raven horses, playing on the knolls, the fruitful fields, the graceful vineyards, the watch on the golden chain... if you are not with the one you love...

... And here I go crying like an infant again.....