Saturday, 20 November 2010

Although greatly saddened by the news of a passing of a very very fine lady indeed, a watercolor artist and someone you would often see in the street, making her way bravely, despite old age - a mind also as clear as  mountain water - and always a pleasure to talk to... (That's why I am so burdened by the news, probably, because the last time I saw her in the street I could have say hi to her, but I instead chose to continue on my errands and she didn't see me. Now I will never get the chance to chat with her again, and she was so cool.......)
I shall imagine her as if she's in a dream, as young as she wanted to be again, standing before a fresh canvas, too new brushes in her hands, still naive and zealous and shy.. It helps me to believe she is in love with the smell of paint :))
Anyways, I heard about it while on a good exhibition of it's own, one by Franc Vozelj. I even remembered his name - I was THAT impressed....