Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"The Walking Dead"

Whenever I am troubled, I am of course prone to feeding myself the worst of stories. "Monsters", for example, which I watched yesterday morning, was a depressing deal, but The Walking Dead during lunch was positively impressive. It is something to be said about a show that is a little too good for it's own good. Fuck. Some of the images are gut twisting and that is hopefully not by another party. 
        What the creators of this new - and first - horror show have in their favor above all - and they seem to appretiate that, thank you -  is the timing. I've said this time and again - TV shows are so much more able to slowly build the timeline and pause on moments than movies... Look at Lord Of The Rings - if you wanna see everything the makers wanted to show, you need 14 hours! And movies, when they try to build up slowly to the unimaginable horror of everyone being gone - save for stubborn hope and a couple of creepies - then have to stampede towards the finishing..
       The pilot of this new deal (oddly enough it just got out now and yet I've seen a few minutes of it a week ago? But I think I stopped watching cause it was a poor copy... Anyways,) tells the more less linear story of a young sheriff's deputy (I thought the casting was poor at first, having to deal with him before in the likes of Love, Actually, but Andrew Lincoln has grown a bit older and delivers a very fine narrative through those blue eyes and ivory jawline: from the viewer and onto the shitstorm with ashes on top.) who wakes up in a hospital and then proceeds to find the world has ended while he was out.. It's kind of like 28 days like that. He then spends 15 minutes of getting out of the hospital, while more and more sinking feeling sets and he eventually even finds the first body, so gruesomely mangled (I mean, come on?! Viewer disgression my arse!?) that it's almost surreal and he can still go on a few minutes, telling himself it's probably all just in his head. He then meets some more almost sad looking zombies - still ridiculously surreal, and then The Man and His Son from The Road, coting in his neighbourhood, wise and weary. Then he sets out to find his family. (The lady from Prison Break? Again? I don't like her, but she keeps popping up, so I suppose it's good for her...) A little bit of personal drama there, first because she now seems to be with his friend (talk about mourning period, eh? What has it been - like a month?) and second because they failed to put up signs, warning people out of the city. The final moments put our punctured hero in a tank. The military kind. His horse, alas, gets vivisected graphically... 
         I haven't been looking forward to the next episode of anything like this since Lie To Me. And the fact I can eat during is a tale untold of it's own... But then again I am getting increasingly paranoid and am starting to stock food and ammo in my own house again. Which is admirable, considering I always forget to stock matches and water :))