Friday, 19 November 2010

I am beginning to imagine our world as a great battle between Heaven and Hell - and we are winning. Not sure yet how, but considering how aloof Heaven is, thinking nothing is as good as them, putting us in the same 'beneath' box as Hell, we've failed to make it easy on them. I think that once, at first, everything was war and sex and greed and pillaging and destruction, but over time, lately, violence has gotten out of fashion. Suddenly it's no longer popular to up and go siege thy neighbour, and people prefer to live in peace. Young normal men no longer wish to be scarred and to burn in battle, but to have a homey house in the suburbs and a meager job to pay for their kid's fashionable fickles. armies are having a good deal of trouble convincing the citizen to fight, because nobody has any real reasons to fight left - the years of media have finally convinced the absurd futility or better yet - the absurd farce of confrontations, proving that whatever bogus enemies we should be prejudiced against, do not exist. Boohoo the communists, boohoo the Arabs, boohoo the Koreans.... Sorry. they're just dudes like us. Everybody's whacky, everybody dresses funny and has odd values compared to the others - but this planet is shrinking and although we will constantly pursue the need to pick fights, the vast, vaaaast majority of mankind is just trying to pay the sticky price for well-being: day jobs. Hey: nothing important comes easy, so grind and bear it - you want a white picket fence, work for it 35 years wearing a silk noose around your neck.