Tuesday, 30 November 2010

... rushy update...

Days have been whacky, preparations for the festive season in full swing. I am a day away from finishing the commissioned portraits - and a day or so away from knitting my first cap for Cupcake. It is so cute to see a man as brave as a giant grin alarmingly when I ask: "You'll wear it ALL the time when outside, won't you, honey buns?" :D Imagine the General putting the cap on and then sprinting like an arrow to the car in the hope no-one sees him. But seriously. I can knit now!!!!

My X-mas wish for this year were the good old-fashioned wooden sleds... The kind you can go on a pilgrimage with, with the dog sitting on top of it and a full backpack of hot spicy tea and cookies and the camera :)) And that's just BEFORE you get to any slopes!! :D can't wait. It should be any day now and we traditionally tend to buy things for one-another sooner and then just wrap up the boxes they came in :))

We have had two glorious days of snow. Okay, we also had a couple of really ridiculously tragic deaths in relation to the weather (one of the nastiest chain-crashes ever), but finally the days are uiber pretty. I'll post some doggie pictures, just to prove my point. 

I am waiting for the payday to go shopping for my friends - I approximately know what I will give each, but more importantly, I am trying to conjure the concept of 'surprice pouches' for the fair.... two weeks left until D day! Yeesh. When viewed individually, all the things I need to do don't seem like much, but when you consider they are all in this lifetime... Today I should probably  make some doggie-school photos and have them developed, then finish the painting, then join the General when he goes to the doctor's, then get the sled from parent's house and pick up the developed photos and go to the finishing party of doggie school..... And then take the sled back up tomorrow, when I have to help mum decorate and bake, then slide back down and finish knitting the cap and start knitting the book markers..... Then coffee with friends, some small business deals and then listing down the inventory of the cards... Then pick up the paintings from the frame shop.......

Ugh. See? No wonder we keep having sex at 3:3o AM lately - there's no time during the day!!

PS  Exactly one week left till expansion.
PPS  I think before my year is over (The janus is on the 11th of March for me..), I will set up another book. I'm thinking Slovenian, short stories... Even if it doesn't get printed due to shortage of coin... maybe coin will come and then my stuff will be ready for other stuff to get worked on.. Isn't that, like, almost a plan? :P