Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sorry for the thorough lack of updates; I've been busy and as per usual, as a coping mechanism, I've been crazy. But in truth I've been trying to slalom pass all the emotions and projects, prioritizing, analyzing and fantasizing... Also, I've managed to finally see the very last episode of Rome - something I've been putting off because I was afraid of seeing all those people die. Ironically, all the deaths there are done rather chatarsically. Marc Anthony's comments such as "Anything to get away from this fucking hangover...", Cleopatra's dialogues with her royal poison mistress, even the final close-up of Attia, a sort of death of all her ambitions, as she sees herself exactly where she's always wanted to be, only to feel like she's dead already, especially when the corpses of Marc and Cleo are impaled and paraded in the victory procession, rattling by... 
            I thought of the perfect role for Gennonsuke to assume, since after his departure from Horses in "Nasty Little Lamp" he's been always present, but rather pointless... And 'shepherd of souls' would have been way too unoriginal. I've got him a new task and it's perfect - it's meaningful, logical and original.... can't get them much higher than that :)) His fate is future dealings with the 'red string stretcher' :) --> *hint*Me*hint* :p
            The weather's been so foul my doggie walks are as uninspired as my commissions,. At least as a result, my wit's thunder-storming. Another friend came up with a preposterous idea, probably entirely unrealizable, because there's no way one would come up with four lunatics to qualify - but just imagine - bumming the national post office to sponsor four postmen to ride the post-mopeds all around the planet, posing for photographs with their Postal flag at every curious stop-point along the way... Just imagine... Each moped has two yellow boxes on the sides... Four riders of the moped Apocalypse... One with spare underwear and overcoats and juice boxes; another with spare parts for the machines; the third with maps and red tape and suchlike and the last with a laptop and a camera gear in one and the crazy Beagle in the other... I mean, how would THAT not be an entirely preposterous Hobbit adventure?! (Oh, I've been reading The Hobbit to the General lately, but I am a little bit out of practice. He only starts snoring after fourteen pages or so - not counting his ability to snore AND be conscious about what he's hearing at the same time...)  CAN you imagine?? The rainy spring in Romania, the nasty border crossings in Kurdistan; the majestic plains of Mongolia, the geishas I would flirt with in Japan... Then a long swim and then either highway 666, or at least the tractor sideway of the said; or Panama or something... Crossing the Amazonian river-field with a moped? Why the heck not. I'm country-kin to people that swam it like it was a paddling pool.. And finally, best for last, Ireland and the rest of Europe and then home... With the way i drive and fall, counting all my recovery periods and the like, it would probably take us 4 or 5 hundred years, during which the Post office would go bankrupt and left us stranded somewhere around the Canary islands, but fuck it. At this junction, I cannot think of a more ridiculous plan :D

     Funny how, having seen my darling Paper evolve from a shy and fat and foolish little book-thief into a rather glorified serial killer over the past 15 years, it's impossible for me to think about such a story within her box - and she's the only one who could pull it off... But she wouldn't bother with something so rudimentary... Funny indeed. Between her, who has lately been feeling like a black hole with everything she's dseen and one reversing in on itself, and this-here me, who is writing this in the comfort of my normal life's next-best-thing, lies the entire universe....

...... :D