Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The gloomy season is here. I think I hate it, although I cannot be sure. Weather is just weather. Sadness is in the brain.
         Funny how, when packing all my possessions, I always begin with books. Cooker comes last. What does that say about me? LoL. That I like boxy things... in boxes? :))
         I've been making a drawing of 'an island house' (trust the General to deal with loneliness head on...) that I will see every time I see the house I am going to live in - complete with the stable for a goat, lot for my trees and veggies and possibly a cat :D I have a list of things I will do to distract myself. Like starting a photography society in the village. I am not used to feeling so lonely, but that is probably how it always feels, stretching and then finally snapping the umbilical chord... Between dad who hasn't said a nice thing to me in ages; mum who chooses to think of me as a gold-digging little shit; (how DARE I accept a gift that THEY want!?) grandma that stabs me in the back twice a year and sister that never particularly liked me, I am really out of family happiness mental bonus. I have so much to do and only a few months left to do it... And the wee beast is still poorly. Back to the vet today. Though she did chew through my only spotlight and am now free of in-house photo shoots for a few days. The new apartment, once it's ready, will have an almost proper studio... if the wee beast doesn't eat my light :P