Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tomorrow we start the catalogue shoot in Ljubljana for the Rosa Handmade Accessories store…  I love this calm before the storm hours… Charging the batteries… Cleaning the lenses… Clearing the memory cards… Flipping through old Vogues, learning the angles… Loading fresh movies and songs onto the iPad... Talking to nervous models on the phone, and thrilled happy organizers... It feels weird not to be the one doing everything, it always does. Models will be styled by someone else, clothes will come from the store, picked by the coordinator, locations, transport… hopefully lavatories and food…  will be provided by someone else. I mean, I KNOW that’s how photo shoots are supposed to be, but I am so comfortable in the ones where there’s just me, the model and the dog, I find these to be almost like school trips. The interest is the same, but the organization is totally out of my hands :D
    Which reminds me – bring your own tea mug, full of hot tea (I am out of coffee and I don’t want to have to use the bathroom in the middle of the highway…) and I would bring some cookies or something, but I a) don’t really have the money for them (saving dramatically for the Speedlite flash), b) start too early for shops to open and c) don’t want to walk around with a bit of chocolate stuck between my teeth for the rest of the day… :D