Sunday, 6 November 2011

Another perfect hunt today: three hours of pushing through the terrain (you come out as if you just fell from a nasty tree), twenty hunters, nine dogs and zero kills. :D  My jinx continues, steady on. Barky loved it, once again, even if she got lost towards the end because she followed the other dogs to the randez-voiz point whereas I fell behind (the General intercepted me to offer me a ride), then she went to look for me, but we missed each-other, so she ran around the hill, backtracking the scents and got to the others when we went to look for her. A minor mishap :D She's a super hound and I really enjoy working with her. Then we all go home, eat something and pass out. Later, in the shower, I pull out all the tiny thorns from my socks, thighs and hair :))

For lunch, we watched Conan The Barbarian... It was a very short movie, as I usually skip the slashing gory scenes in which the characters get to show off their oiled muscles and their barbaric prowess and not much else, so skipping those, the movie is about fifteen minutes long. There are actually some interesting scenes, though I wouldn't go as far as to say the rest is worth any praise, really, at all. It's just the kind of a movie you see once, skipping scenes, mention it in a blog and forget about it. There were some interesting daddy issues on Rose McGowan's part, her trying to hump her own father, but that's just the sort of a thing to turn *me* on, not anyone else in this household. 'Course the dad was played by Stephen Lang, so therein lies the rub. I love to watch that old dick be bad in movies. He is very boring if he is good. So, before you judge - there's Jason Momoa speaking, Stephen Lang drooling and Rose McGowan bald - and you don't get to see that often enough, so relish the opportunity and shut up  :P