Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Hunger Games and other nasty literature

Just out of curiosity I started reading the first Collins book the other day - and I am one of those who are fully aware there are tasteless torrents of bad books on similar subjects out lately (when teen/fantasy genre is again far more popular than the adult (Main difference being the reasonably happy ending.)).. But when you start to read, you read the first line... and the next... and the next - then turn the page... and in the evening you go to bed early, skipping sex, to read some more.  :D  I love it when this happens! I join the club of those who are really axiously anticipating the first movie. And of course the last one, when that messed up regime is dealt with.I hope there are not too many books before the final showdown, because I really don't have time to read volumes lately, nor am I the one to pass on sex. Hahahaha, I have to give it to my husband. he is SO friggin' adorable. He is the man who makes me cum so hard I laugh and cry at the same time, because the sensation is so overwhelming, but on the other hand, he is the sort of a man who will try to hide the fact he paid money for a gossip magazine. I once forbade him to read those, finding them utterly stupid, but he likes to know all the stuff that's going on in celebrity world (and in truth it helps when I have to deal with celebrities for at least someone to know why the heck they're such.). The boyish innocence with which he tries to hide the purchase is so beyond endearing. I should probably be glad, because the only other thing he reads is war books and I'm not even allowed to read those, as they then give me nightmares. Plus gossip papers make for a good toilet read.