Friday, 25 November 2011

Because Kindle died, I've been having these nightmares - the latest ugly ones. I dream a lot about being in Homeland (the really cool and spooky series I watch lately), but those are not the bad bit. The bad bit is that I keep having my photo equipment burn, and melt. Tonight I first dreamt there was a house fire, and although I tried wrapping the whole bag into a baby blanket, it mattered little - the contents have simply cooked. Everything, even the cracked iPad, was still working, but very badly, like a screen of a broken phone. Later on, the same gear was close to one of the studio lamps that cought fire on my desk and it slightly, ever so slightly, ruined all my lenses and the flash. I hate this feeling, the mortality of things I rely on so much these days. I hate to think that by the time I have finally made back some money I've invested in them, their span has run out.