Saturday, 26 November 2011

I owe an apology to Z, for telling her off so often, due to her lack of recent entries Well, lately I know how she feels! Not only you a) work all the time b) on stuff you cannot show until it’s published, but also c) there’s so much going on and d) not much of it feels worth the mention compared to some of the stuff that’s really going on that you can’t say! Seriously, it’s a mess. One of those really kinky, cool ones. Plus there’s the early elections thing going on and the streets are full of shameless peddlers, promoting their candidates like they were cattle, and it’s so noisy it’s impossible to think. Mostly I just go hide someplace off. It’s clear that some of the things I hate the most is noise. Noise unhinges me. Perish the thought I have to listen to two sources of noise at the same time. That’s just mind-scrambling.
We shot in an old-alike pubbish place today, very friendly, super picturesque, but unfortunately it also got unexpectedly crowded and we couldn’t really stretch out as much as I probably intended. Also the light was shit, so I ended up using the flash again all the time :D I was going for a more noir mood and actually captured some very ‘silent movie’ slides
As music goes, it’s been about fifteen years since I last heard Tori Amos and, as per usual, it fitted the mood then and there perfectly. Other than that, I’ve listened to Crying in the Rain about 450 times and the other times I’ve listened to Horehronie, plotting a trip to .. well, Horehronie. I’ve been reading the Hunger Games almost famished and actually even wrote some of my fiction and non-fiction drafts. Drej got her hands on the published Ph.D dissertation, in actual physical form, and this leads by a point :) Time to step up :P
I notice I am much more afraid lately. No, not afraid Spooked. I am unhappy in dark places, I am not happy to have to deal with people going ‘boo!’. I saw blood today on the stairway and hated that. I avoid situations in which consequences would last longer than a day (like frozen rivers), steer clear of ugly movies, always read plots in advance before I watch or read anything Funny, that. There were times when I just rolled my eyes in the face of danger. But then I got stightly overly reactive and violent, so perhaps now it’s a good thing I send the dog in first and follow, slowly, cautiously, with my finger on the big button of the camera :P
And by the way one can always tell when someone is crying in the rain. Water has nothing to do with it. Even the color of one’s face is different, if you look right enough.