Sunday, 6 November 2011

One of the pickies from the other day :) Jackpot :D

Lovely lady in the pic: Claire Pecniq ( Nevenka Bobek
Make-ip: Nea Likar
The concept, draft and styling designed by ARHIMETRICS (Dare Vasiljevič & Tanja Špan)
Outfits from: S. Oliver
Locationa: Ljubljana
Bag by: ROSA handmade accessories

I'll say again: Can't begin to describe what a good team we were. Absolutely everyone was a complete professional and by that I always mean people who a) know what they want, b) know what they can offer and work with that, c) know how to be a small part of a large team and c) find solutions before complaining, even at 9 p.m. The mood was lovely all the way until the end (which is when I passed out). Truly a very productive cooperation. As Claire would put it, this is something we could do a lot :D