Friday, 4 November 2011

The Rosa Catalogue second casting

Locations: Celje, Planina pri Sevnici, Ljubljana
Commissioners: the Rosa Handmade Accessories
Models: Klara Pečnik, Tamara Kolenc and Levin Oparenović
Styling: Dare and Tanja
Make-up: Nea Likar
Hairdressing: Nevenka Bobek
Clothes from S. Oliver
Yeesh :D

Also a small bird died during, but that wasn’t really our fault. From life to life, tho.

Yesterday the entire day was spent shooting the second casting of the Rosa catalogue :D It was one of those really really nice shoots. Albeit tiredness-inspiring as fuck.
     We started at six thirty, when I joined the models to drive to the hairdresser’s on Planina. It was probably the only place in the country where the sun was shining like there can never again be any clouds around. Alas, as we got to Ljubljana, it wasn’t only foggy, or cloudy, it was both, and dense.
      The art directors have this ridiculously stylish apartment stylish so in fact, we managed to get most of our shots right then and there. No need to stress I completely forgot to drink and eat during, and was working on a 100% up until eight in the eve, when we started to wrap things up. At ten-ish we went to McDonald’s and at about then, my 100% went down to three. After the wrap, I switch off completely. I slept the entire drive back and even now, a day after, I am high on being tired. Everything in my body aches in the best way. There’s another beauty shot session scheduled for me tomorrow, so I need the sleep tonight, regardless of Friday night allure, and I have to work on stuff while I wait. These opportunities is what I’ve been working towards for the past year exactly one past year. One should never for one second assume this is the finish line

The models, patiently getting ready :D

Nea Likar, doing her magic. And yes, that IS a giant horse statue in the middle of the room. I checked. 

Nina and Mateja sticking salotape onto the soles of rented shoes

After, after, after. :D Been a long, grand day :)


Anonymous said...

iii super slikce ,,vidim da ste imele polno dela,,na parih slikcah ki so res kjuti vidim sebe kot malo dete,,kako in kaj ti opišem k se vidiva :D

Pix said...

:D Nisva se videli že preeeeedolgo!