Sunday, 20 November 2011


Yesterday was one of the rare and total 'girls days out'. In the morning I shot a friend in the freeing park and Drej came by, which resulted in a coffee/thawing break at Veronika Where others joined us and proposed we go to the spa for which we had free tickets that needed cashing in before the month is over. So we called around, asked who's free for the afternoon, got Klara to complete the party and hit the road. It's been SO long since we did that And then swimming in that hot hot water, laughing our swimwear off when we tried to fight against the current of one of the play tunnels  Such stupid, free, friends-time Talking about sex, talking about work, talking about food, talking about waxing Vs. shaving, talking about grown-up toys, talking about skin-care, talking about babies, talking about talking :D On the way back the car radio played Horehronie, the 2010 Slovakia Eurovision song and for some odd reason, on that dark, frosty, foggy drive back, it was the perfect girlie soundtrack. (Plus the countrisides are virtually identical.) We had couple of really yummy pizzas (I am certainly slowly and surely changing my opinion of pizza), talking again for a few hours (girls had beer and somehow I actually wished I did, too :) until finally getting home and crawling into bed to molest that mountain of fuzzy warmness and grumpy hugs I call Home. The General spent the day with his prodigal son returned, so I didn’t really feel bad about straying myself :)) And the best part, I forgot to mention: not a single shot, not a single one, was fired :D It was a totally mine (not Mark’s) time.