Monday, 3 December 2012

Earthquakes, bad books and other riots

Riots in my home town...

Arr, the irony of doomsdays :D Yesterday I was just talking to the General about how our bed actually makes a really efficient earthquake bunker (provided you are under it, obviously), as it is an elevated bed on a very heavy iron frame with a good solid plate and a very thick mattress... I told him how sometimes this house really jumps and I was trained as a child to leap underneath the dense, wide door frames. This morning, there you have it. Not even an 4.0 and the chandelier didn't bother to rattle, which it does when it's nasty, but we both sat up straight in out beds. I felt so proud to have such an on-Q demonstration. there is plenty talk about the picturesque ends of the world coming up this X-mas short. I really really wish, should one indeed occur, that it be photogenic. It's all I ask. 

Now I'm off to start re-writing the Little Karlins again, finally. 

Garrosh update: oh, Garrosh. Garrosh, Garrosh. I will stand by you till the very end and then, the way you've been acting lately (Patch 5.1), I will kick you in your big brown hairy balls.

We had a very nice lunch yesterday, the family. Dad made me go vote, which is a nightmare, because amidst the two fucking pointless, embarrassing candidates, I always pick the one who terribly looses (I have NO. LIKE. FUCKING. NOOO. CLUE what the fuck people are thinking?) and of course now we have a president that makes Bush seem like Kennedy by comparison. The riots are picking up. There is supposed to be a scheduled one in this town today. Will go to play a photojournalist a bit, until mace and granite tiles start flying. Then, knowing the General, he will get angry with me and make me go home. He never lets me stand between two front lines. No sense of photojournalism in that man.

Watched Bourne Legacy. Likes it, but the script was incredibly dull. First half the movie happens in a forest (is there a movie about assassins lately that doesn't?!) or a bunker office, the second in Manila. But I love the camera work and the acting - she is so very cool and pretty and he is simply adorable. I wanted to borrow a book about the movie from the lib, but as it turns out, that script was just made up. there are NO obviously good crime books on the shelves that i haven't read yet. All of them have betrayed super assassins or drunk private detectives, super models murdered and government conspiracies. Have I been so spoilt by Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I'm hopeless?