Monday, 17 December 2012

Uf, our granny just came out of the OR. It's no small thing for a woman of 92 to come out of the OR and an hour later already receiving visitors and you can hear her down the hall as we're phoning in the nurses if we can come. I remember I was out for three hours, not 30 minutes after my show, and mine wasn't even an invasive procedure. She had a broken hip that needed screwing. She fell last night, trying to help another lady who fell from her wheelchair. Those damn lapdancing parties at the retirement home! always someone ends up screwed!

But things are okay now. Scary bit is over. We are all such pussies. Nobody dared call. I actually had an inside source, my Kimi, sending me texts to keep me posted, because I didn't dare call myself...)
     Off to visit her. I'm a bit insulted the fresh-out-of-school doc called her demented. I want to see her give him a run for his money.


Anonymous said...

Oooo,,dobro napisano. ,;) kar te zanima samo vprasaj,je pa zelo prijetna gospa,cuvam nanjo ;).