Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I must say, whenever there's action, my photojournalist' heart beats faster. I look at my former colleagues on TV, trying to stay intact while neo-Nazis are bombarding the riot police with granite cobblestones and the special forces are shooting people with the water cannon - all the while there to get a really good pics... I used to be good at that and used to feel good doing that. You never think you're going to get hit and even if you do, you really only ever worry about the gear. Now, of course, I had to stay like a mile away from the core of the turmoil. There were people with infants and senior citizen who were standing closer. But if I try to move in, General just takes my camera and tells me off. From where we were standing, just there for support, things were so boring we just got cold and bored and left in an hour. I guess that's that for my photojournalist's years.