Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Clay thingies I made this season, to give off as prezzies :D

This is a house number tile, about 30x40cm, made of clay and glass. It is partially glazed and colored. And there's udders.

The clay and glass ornaments for christmas trees or window branches for my in-laws.

Dude with doggie. Kind of like the General with Barky :D These are cookie prints that a friend brought to the clay shop.

We didn't think this glazing will work, but as it turned out, if flawed, it actually looks really cool blue.

This is a very long kind of art piece, as tall as me, made of clay and rope.

I kept one of the clay-glass ginger cookies, as it was perteh.

Candle lamp for sis and Maggie and of course it got decapitated fifteen seconds before I had the chance to hand it to them. Of course it did.

Leaf-shaped key plate for my older brother. Hope he doesn't read the blog :P Well, he says he doesn't.

"Fucked up Drej" tile, done with a foam print, clay colors and half glazing. This was for Drej, as she loved it when she saw it.

Hearts. Also done with a mold print, colors and the funky blue glaze.

The set of fruit dishes/baskets that my mum and dad asked for. They are slightly more ornamented on the outside.

The angry birds triptih. The tiles, also done with the foam print, colored and then wiped and glazed. These ones were for me :D