Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pitch Perfect

Though girl flicks and music movies and movies that aren't really all that original are very very rarely my thing, I honestly liked this one. Maybe it was just because I am so starved for any new movie that I will take anything, but lately the brutal honesty of nerds and rejects that kind of love their life, inspires me. Where were movies like this when I was trying to be a college weirdo? (The word 'trying' goes with the word 'college', not the word 'weirdo'.)The leading lady was so oddly attractive to my type of geekingess. Probably that's how I would want to be if I was very thin and had nice teeth and fingernails. In fact so many of the cast was so cute. I haven't seen the lead boy before, but he was oddly not-Justin-Bieberish looking. Which is very cool. Even Elisabeth Banks was watchable. I'm liking Rebel Wilson more and more. Brittany Show was nice. Hana Mae Lee was hilarious. Gross, but funny. And I wonder if this movie will do for Knapp what House Bunny did for McPhee. Or not :)) Unknown actresses, stay away from the hair bleach. Nobody likes unknown blonds.

I only just a few weeks ago realised that you can actually make a song slower by playing it in the appropriate machine. I didn't know that. I am suddenly really interested in knowing a little bit more about music. It can be so very fitting to certain scenes. Lately I've just been going through the Two Steps From Hell discography and it would never occur to tell apart the quality of David Guetta and Pittbull, because to me that's all the same contemporary overabundance of noise, (and this coming from a person who occasionally listens to Rihanna. Surely it would be safe to mash high classic and bad contemporary stuff together? I can think of five people who have been doing it for decades, successfully. It just feels like a hobby, that's all :) It looks like it's going to be a damn cold and long winter :D