Friday, 28 December 2012

Cloud Atlas (the movie)

Watched it.
Liked it.
Loved it.

I understood this story, although I at first didn't think I would. Music is not like fiction. It's absolute. I can understand why someone would want to become one. Also, the boys, the ill-fated couple, are very very lovely. In a fucked up sad way.

 This story was kind of interesting, although I didn't get most of it. Will have to read about it. The Goddess Sonmi part and the Ol'Georgie bits made the most and the least sense.

 This one was fabulous. I'm gonna treat Hugo Weaving to a drink when I meet him. He's marvellous. The whole story is so cute from start to finish.Old guy, Jim, was also lovely. His 'Soylent Green is made of people!!' like is still making me laugh.

There is also one with normal-looking Halle Berry as a research journalist. It's supposed to bind others together, but I am yet to figure out how. It took me four days to see this film. Will probably take me longer to read. A lot.

This story was the most beautiful. Although I didn't get it at all. The girl who plays Sonmi was beyond perfect. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so sad and beautiful in an American movie before. The boy was very beautiful, too, (people don't really sleep like that, though, you know? I certainly don't look that lovely sleeping. And even the General, even if he does, and he looks very cute, can't stand being watched and always wakes up angry.) though for the most part I thought he was just manipulating her into martyrdom. Necessary, but still martyrdom. Which I am not a fan of. I don't think they stressed enough how all this impacted the far future. Soylent Green all over again. Ew.

Off to read it now.
I wonder... If all those years ago, when I was heading towards the desert and this book was in my hands for more than a minute (I started reading it, but the intro was too off kilter for me at the time. That'll teach me.) my life would have been different now? All life's matter of perception, right? Well, and karma. But would I have experienced all those moments differently, having ingested this book? I wonder.

Sometimes I feel like my life is just a bad nightmare of someone, dreaming about  along forgotten, failed, miserable past life.

But then I wake up. And put it in a novel.