Monday, 4 March 2013

... Can't sleep so early. Am waiting for my bladder to fill, so I won't have to go pee later. My parasimpaticus is most active around four. Don't wanna put on clothes and shoes at four. This'll teach me to pack trainers and flipflops the next time. Amateur. Played twenty or thirty or so DrawSomething. Now I am rerouting our trip for tomorrow, updating changes. He ain't gonna like it, but my arguments are strong :)
       Travelling w/ the General tends to make a person extremely paranoid. Well, no, not paranoid, but very careful and misogynistic. We've double-locked the room, our things, our shoes even, double set alarms, strategically so. We even chose beds that give us the high ground, so we can see if anyone enters at all. Did I mention we are in a youth hostel? But there you have it. Once a General, always a General. And speaking from personal experience, I know there is no honour among book thieves.. :p