Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Station Agent

I saw an odd movie that I really liked. If I ever got into making movies, this would probably be what my first feature would be like. It's incredibly minimalistic, slow, very few actors, very little dialogue, but it's almost absurd how excellent the actors who ARE in it perform - and how very well the few lines that are in it, deliver.
     Towards the end you almost feel like even  the three catharsic/turn points - the librarian girl being pregnant, the painter lady trying to kill herself and the main character's school speech - are unnecessary. I was worried the Cuban guy's dad might die or something. Which would be needless in it's entirety.

The story is about a dwarf/little person, who is very removed from social buzz because people treat him as if he was ... something. He says of himself that he's actually really boring. He probably would have room to develop if he was of normal size, but little by little the mockery and the stares numbed him and he is entirely dissociative. So much so that he tends to mistake the interest of strangers for ridicule. Oddly enough, he is actually very attractive. All three female protagonists, two of which (Played by a very lovely Patricia Clarkson and a really cute, still very raw Michelle Williams) are drawn to him, although more in a friendly, chavalieuristic mannerism than an actual kinky sex variety. The third is a train-interested little girl that ultimately draws him out of his shell. The two male protagonists, one of which passes on at the beginning of the film (thus starting the story) and the other who talks for all other five combined, also find profound connection to Fin.
            The photography and the use of the set is amazing. Even the glacier pace is perfect.
            And there's trains. Which I can watch in any movie. Even Trainspotting, that has almost nothing to do with them..