Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Most normal day ever

This has probably been the most normal day I've had in a while. First a chatty, chilly March walk with Drej and play with the dogs. Checking my mail, downloading Smash and watching some of it. (I'm team Derek, so I wanna see him back in the center of the mess that is Bombshell, FYI.) Most of the trouble with the editor has been put aside and I took the sketches to a potential contractor. I washed and hung the clothes, neatly, because there's just something so very cool about hanging matching socks that smell fresh, while the General napped and then we went uphill to have lunch with my parents. Actually the plan was to go up to photograph sausages and dumplings, but also I wanted their opinion on my professional predicament. I'm glad they went though all this beforehand. At times I am not sure what my rights are and I don't know I am allowed to insist on certain matters.When the editor completely re-arranged my first chapter into an unrecognisable, very politically correct and absolutely boring rip-off (basically she just kept the ideas and data and wrote the entries anew in a way she saw fit.) I didn't know she was not allowed to do that. In fact the editor is not allowed to change anything about the text without the consent of the author and certainly not completely. I was also sad because she cut vast portions of my text - after I was asked to write them to make the book more story-like. This before anyone mentioned the texts are too long. 
              Long story short, I think now this mess is resolved (I hope. Other than this, I love the way the book is becoming.) and I think mum&dad are proud of me for doing what I'm doing. I think they're okay with me being a pauper writer as opposed to being a mediocre-situated clerk. Also, dad said I make good landscape photos. Which is all I ever need to hear to smile about that.
               Breaking the diet because of the sausages and dumpling (damn but some things are really yummy when you're hungry), we had a small lunch and we talked simple, friendly stuff. Dogs were funny, until the elder bitches got tired of Lyra and went to nap under the dining table. Then Gen and I returned home and went to bed. At around six he had to leave for a hunters meeting and I got to renaming and resizing the photos for the summer chapters. Two hours later he came back home and we went out to have a drink. We ventured into the Cuba cafe and General had hot chocolate and I had violets-flavoured white coffee. The chocolate was mesmerising, but my coffee was way too sweet. I forgot to ask for just a drop of syrup. Since our diet, I've gotten so unaccustomed to salt and sugar, it tastes too hard every time someone uses them. 
               Treating himself (I would have done it for his birthday in a few weeks), General bought a new video game and uploaded it while I tried the latest new dungeon in the Pandaria expansion. Got over the first boss and got two new gear points, but the raid was not very good, so I left. Now I'll join him in the horizontal, where he's reading a military magazine and I'll play DrawSomething or read a comic. (Saga? Thor, God of Thunder? Wolverine, Best There Is?)
               Can't think of a day spent more calmly. It was such a refreshment after the last two weeks of havoc. Drej gave me fitness exercises to start working on, but I forgot to do those. Curse my distracted brain.