Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Low and high

Low light of the day. The editor sent back the 'edited' first chapter and it was so changed it was entirely unrecognisable. None of my spark was in it anymore. She's okay, she means well and was trying to please a very broad spectrum of the readers, but my job was to write yet another guide, in a completely new and cool tone. Now it's just yet another guide. That kind of felt like I just gathered the info and somebody else used it in sentences that have nothing to do with mine. Like they didn't trust me with my approach. Dunno. They probably made the book a lot more sell-able, but... Anyone's name can be put on it now. It has very little left to do with me. Today, when a nasty case of vertigo has me and I can barely focus. Lowlite indeed.

Highlight, on the other hand, makes me feel alright again. We bathed the cat (again) in anti-flee shampoo (again) and she was super fluffy and clean and flee-free and white and majestic (again.) A flawless household pussy cat. 
Next she went and waited for the dog to pee and rolled in it.
That much about that.