Saturday, 23 March 2013

LoL, I'be been so tired last night from working on the garden, I've been having nightmares all night. Not bad nightmares, like waking up crying and feeling terrible, but picturesque, ghoulish nightmares, like being in the movie Warm Bodies. And there was a part in which everyone was dying from some virus and our house collapsed and I spent the duration of the dream trying to get the chargers for my gadgets from underneath debris. I'm starting to see this as my number one apocalyptic concern: to WANT to document everything, just not being  - technically - able to. Cause, even if i dug my old cameras from underneath the piles of contemporary machinery, who the fuck still develops the old 35mm films???
       And I should probably start carrying a small, light notepad around with me, in case my iPad runs out of battery just as I am about to conjure a haiku of the century.
       .... Yeah. THOSE kind of nightmares.

       I remember I kept waking up with my arms and legs and back in muscle ache and I remember General was kissing and petting me a lot, like just very gently caressing my hair, looking at me, or massaging my arms and shoulder, but I have to ask him if I was complaining about ache or just tossed around a lot? I think it was 9pm when I passed out. It was 7:30 when I got up again. And I can't wait to get uphill and do it all over again :D