Saturday, 9 March 2013

I found this in one of the blogs I follow:

Everything about this movie made me feel like I was deliriously in love - I was exhilarated and overwhelmed by the characters and story and animation. My heart leaned out of my body to get a little closer. I felt like I was running down a hill and there was no end in sight. And a movie did this to me! I knew that I would spend my rest of my life hunting for that feeling. 

This is the best I'll ever be able to describe the emotion myself. It's about Spirited Away. I was an adult when I saw it, unlike the author, but this is exactly how it felt.

Another thing saddened me greatly yesterday. I read that ComicBookGirl19 graduated Magna Cum Laude in COMIC BOOK DRAWING. Seriously?? You can do that?? Graduate with honours in drawing comic books?! As if that's like a real profession?? 

Fuck. I am fiercely starting to hate having grown up in a country where I didn't even know comics exist until I was twenty and where when you say you're a painter, people move away from you as if you have a smelly disease.


Ariana said...

I'm glad my words touched you!