Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Looooong day. Long.

Running errands, research and business meetings. My brain is so empty. I am so tired. This is the part of the creative track that is unbearable, the part where nothing fits, you feel like a fake and editors are worried and gaps in the draft seem bigger than the story. 
         The General is at home, making my fall,softer. He bathed the cat. This isn't a metaphor. I can hear her purring when we're on the phone. I am so tired. The train ride is painful. Not even watching Walking Dead makes it feel nice. At home there's food he prepared, his encouragement and strict regime. I forgot to drink today. He will be so angry. But he will make me drink and eat and play Warcraft for an hour and then he'll comb my hair while I read a light novel or something. I'm reading Anita Nair's Ladies Coupe. And then he'll make me go to bed. Any idea I try to have, any thought I aim to form, he will silence it. Not today. We work in the morning. After sleep. After walk. We worry tomorrow. There has never been anything we haven't solved. It is not the time to panic yet.
         Certainly not tonight.

Some of yesterday's generic pickies....