Friday, 22 March 2013

I like my mum and dad's reasoning lately. Well, I always liked their reason, but up until recently they were always too stressed to shine it through. Anyhoo. These predicaments I'm having with the editors. I just LOOOVE how they calm me down - my parents. They say two sentences and I see everything clearly.
         Example. Why did the editors change their mind about the book being unique. Most likely because it started out as a perky idea, but commercialists warned this is not the time to experiment, so now they simple need to make this a very POPULAR book. Not necessarily brilliant, just very popular. Which kind of makes sense.
          Another. They said I cling to my work far too obsessively. Even when it's not entirely justified or even needed... Also true. I do. Drej says what they're doing to my text is fine. The editor says the team behind her is smart and means well. I should trust them. But I AM extremely territorial. That derives from being a loner. But that also makes sense.
          Also, they've worked my nuts off in the past two afternoons. My glutes are rock hard. My biceps is like oak. And the garden looks wonderful :D