Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Been thinking...

Do I want the Garrosh T-shirt. Yes.

Would I mind if General bought himself the premium set expansion, because it contains the books :D ? No. It contains books!

Am I addicted to buying nail polish? Oddly so. (And where the hell did that come from?!)

Should we invest into a cleaning robot? No. It would only get raped by the cat and I am not very comfortable around robots. They sneak up on you and stare at you funny.

Would I enjoy being an editor? Probably not. a) It would just be fixing up other authors' mess and leaving no energy for my own work and b) Too many books, force-fed down one's interest, isn't all that fun.

Is it likely that the small pox is engineered and fed to kids in kindergartens every two or so years, to ensure they all get it and thus get over it? Very likely.

Should I split the character of Murphy into three souls and later on refuse to connect them back, causing him to be an unstable invalid? But which one? I'm considering Phobetor. The nasty one. The necessary one.The one whose eyelashes turn to rust when he looks upon beauty.

Do I include the concept of the DU (Distopia/Utopia) line in Gorgie cityscapes? Lets. And the scene of their wedding?

Would researcher of origin of words be an interesting job? No. But it would be a very interesting hobby. 

I wonder, if aliens arrived, anyone would think of Kim Jung Un feeling like a fucking idiot for shaking his big bad bombs around, playing the town bully for about a week.