Thursday, 18 April 2013

Watching Jack Reacher. Was EVERY guy who ever remotely joined the army for any period of time a sniper? I must have met 50 ex-soldiers and they were all snipers, even though a) our army doesn't have a sniper unit and b) pretty much all of the battalions they listed were logistics (socks and shovels.) But okay. I'm not the one to call their bluff.

What does interest me, however, is how does some random investigator from out of town, given some random redneck trailer address, just drive up to it in one go? I live in a town the size of a pizza and it took me half an hour to find my brother's street the other day (new house, first time there - in my defence.) I was using the iPad GPS AND google maps.

It's an okay movie. Mostly Tom Cruise walking around with an aura of "I am so smart and hot and cool and awesome it's not even funny anymore. Ladies, form an orderly line, please." and Rosamund Pike following him with huge googly eyes and wonderful cleavage. Werner Herzog makes an appearance. And Jai Courtney serves a good lesson: if a young, hot hunky guy talks to you and asks you out for a drink for no reason, he's most likely a serial killer.

Bonus: there was the mandatory old gunnie scene. The old gunnie scenes are the best. Duvall plays the gunpowder wiseman this time. I love how he puts empty shells in his ears to use as mufflers. (They actually do that on the range.) And Cruise did well as a sniper, the exhaling and the recharging slowly and carefully without losing the posture once it's been settled. His straight leg should have been less off centre and is he or isn't he a leftie? Well, nevermind. It's true best snipers keep both their eyes open, (aim just beneath the target) and exhale after the shot, but for that amount of humidity, he probably would have needed a spotter to start (or they just checked the conditions beforehand.) Nice scene. Like riding a bike. That was a beautiful gun, too. A beautiful classic Remington 700. Number 4 on my wish list ;)