Monday, 29 April 2013

Welcome to my brain

These are the characters and relations from Zurnizip that I want to bring with me into the Goose.

Each of these characters/relationships is up to 20 years in the making. If you asked me about them, I could describe every single one down to their last insignificant detail (without making stuff up as I go along). What the issue here is, though, is that I want to a) refine the relationships until they are almost all connected (example, there still is no clear connection between Paper and Murphy's wife and son that get killed - the reason why Kay decides to aid the professors who rescue Murphy. Or who and why is the old man who holds the book of Ill Intentions ...?) and b) introduce them without sounding aloof. Ye, I've known them for twenty years. Where have you been?

There are still a couple of them missing. I have to re-arrange the characters that were based on other characters. dDaniel will be a problem, because this one was blatantly adopted out of convenience and similarity. I have to entirely undo and re-do the character of Murphy's temporary heir. Alongside, I also have to re-arrange Murphy's family. Murphy's Greek. He has pre-existing mum and dad and brothers and sisters. (By pre-existing i mean picturesque and without legal copyrights issues.) The idea that he is three is also Greek, though I'm bending that one a little bit to create a better spiral.

I only hold two thirds of the Goose book. I have no idea what the third third will be or what about. What I do know is that I want it adult, cynical and - very importantly - humorous. There are about 160 pages of the first chapter that is useless, because it's too fucking depressing. The first chapter will have to be extremely dense and slightly neurotic even, whereas the second one will have to be extremely calm, linear and fulfilling. I must resist the temptation to intersect it with non-canon chapters. No matter how fun they would be. Either blend it or dump it. My transition from short stories patched together and a high novel won't be quite so neat, so what little exceptions I employ, must have solid standing. And, above all, purposefully bothered with.

Few more pressing predicaments to sleep on and then we're off. To begin, write and finish my first English novel... again.