Monday, 22 April 2013

Olympus has fallen ... hard

Such a storm hit town that we were basically cut off from most of in-door entertainment (while still keeping our clothes on), so we headed off to the movies. Before that I got my library card, finally, and got a book to read over coffee while waiting for the General to return home. (I got Gaiman. Although am not fond of him, as he is pretty much a fucking A-hole in person, his characters are just cliché enough to keep the story interesting.) 
           It was Gen's pick, so we went to see a manly shoot flick. It was so oddly much worse than I expected, it's kinda sad, really. SUCH big budget, SUCH amazing actors (and also Gerard Butler) and such a pressing premise, and it was still beyond low. No, seriously. This film had some of my favourite actors of all times. Melissa Leo and Angella Bassett, two od the most beautiful elderly ladies I can think of. And Ashley Judd. Radha Mitchell and Cole Hauser, whom I've based a life-long characters in my fiction (Cole and Radha, obviously), Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman, and Keong Sim and Rick Yune, two of the most handsome Korean actors, like, ever. And the only thing worth seeing the movie about is the line ".. the People's Republic of Who Gives a Fuck." :)))
         Good thing we were alone in the theatre and we could loudly mock the scenes and grope one another and throw popcorn. I was angry because nobody wore vests and General kept saying it wouldn't make any difference with the calibre they were using. I was mocking the Americans idiotic fear of nuclear weapons while they are the ONLY ones on the planet who continue to make/plant/fuck them up. Even if other nations have a nuke or two, Americans have HUNDREDS and the best part is, you can manipulate them with computers. Perish the thought somebody, at the news of compromised executive ordering would simply, dunno, disconnect the nukes from the modem and make sure they are not fired prematurely? Also, why is there such an acute not-negotiation-with-terrorists policy in the administration and yet they argue every single time, usually for the lives of a very scarce few? Like, one child versus an entire nation? Honestly? Those are supposed to be reasonable, stern leaders? ... And so on and so forth.
Amazing cast under a rubble of lame script: Melissa Leo, Rick Yune, Keong Sim, Aaron Eckhart, Cole Hauser and some other dude..