Friday, 5 April 2013

Hannibal 2013

Watched Hannibal's pilot. Well, i skipped over most of it, because I havem't got time to watch TV, gotta work. But that's good stuff. I was hoping it'll be good. I don't particularly like profiling procedurals, get plenty of that watching Criminal Minds and everything else seems redundant. The role of Graham, even more unhinged and like a scared little animal was very well chosen. In Manhunter he is far more realistic, you can see he was just a good guy, terribly fucked over. In the Red Dragon he was played by Edward Norton and he always seems slightly sick in the brain. Tiny Darcy's good. The music's good too. There doesn't have to be buckets upon buckets of blood for me to like a good crime, but okay. If they must. And of course I could just watch Mikkelsen's lips for the entire duration of an hour. I don't even have to understand what he's saying. (Good they chose a non-American actor. The original Hannibal is Hungarian, I think. But he is difficult to understand.) Don't care. Didn't care if he was a vegetarian. Mikkelsen's lips are mesmerising. Very well played, that. To choose an ugly man with such an amazing mouth.