Thursday, 4 April 2013

One of those dreams :D (That make the night short)

LoL. Another one of those dreams. My brain just can't be taken seriously. :)))

This is a documentary dream about an ex Baywatch actress (now old, over-tanned and super wrinkly, almost as bad as Janice Dickinson) by the (presumed work-name) Maybelle Mamahattie. She is only mentioned in a book of clown tricks and clown cake-self-slapping manual, because she herself was once a clown. This is in the manner of L.A. actresses who had to do a lot before she actually landed ANY kind of role. Better than nothing roles. So they could say at some point somebody actually saw them on TV.
       Okay, so she was once a clown and she knows all these tricks, but mostly she is very poor, living hand to mouth former everything. She is friendly, tho and people like her quickly. At some family party she knows sign language to assure their clown-du-jour to not use the blow-roll whistle to sign with 'cause that trick never sells well. They hook up, the deaf clown (probably a plus in a clown) and live in his small Volkswagen car. She is chased down by a detective, though and when she has nasty sex with the detective to distract him off her trail, the boyfriend dumps her and she's out of luck again. She moves in with another old actress who is seeing a guy who used to cut Marilyn Monroe movies. They live in a large, very ugly skyscraper project where semi-badass roller skate and breakdance kids hang out at the corners. She has their respect because she has stamina and can break-danCe 80's disco with the best of them anytime. The boyfriend of Bette Middler look-alike shows them old clips of hOw at some point cigarettes in movies became so controversial, every movie in which they were previously considered sexy, slick, posh and alluring, is re-done with various props in people's hands. Women get stuff such as glasses and roses and men get call-cards and wallets. The hysteria over seeing a cigarette even spread to commercials such as families protecting their children from seeing a cigarette with great vehemence and millions of movie cuts being thrown out for him to collect and make into this old, odd clippy footage. There's one with Marylin Monroe when she's in a car, in the back seat, someone helping her to flee the media and the top is down and her hair is in the wind, she's having fun, driving around the countryside. She's talking on a phone, just a vintage handle at the time, 'bout her new man she likes, DiMaggio.

It goes on. There's a shadow -ballet about Catwoman and Batman on a bridge to Anne Hathaway's house by her friend and a half flooded parking lot that she actually likes. We (not me fully in the body and mind of the Maybelle) go there to take wedding photographs of her friend's...

Ah, dreams. How I love thee.