Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Top of theLake

Started watching the New Zealand version of The Killing or some such. Mostly because it comes with such mixed reviews - some really hate it, some really love it. there's Elisabeth Moss in it, always a plus, and David Wenham which we haven't seen in a decent role since he played a disdained steward's daughter in Lord of The Rings. 

So far, about 10 minutes in, I am having a ride of the week, watching some rough redneck farmers clash with hippy women halfway camp and listening to the tragic tale of one woman's ill-fated affair with a chimpanzee. The expression on their faces is priceless. It's one of those I'm a redneck roughneck and i thought I've seen it all...

Not sure if she's carring a gun, but if she is, this is an amazing shot. (Pun intended) :)))

Start to end this things has a super creepy "almost hoping this isn't reality" air to it

Holly Hunter, Campion's muse, once again steals every scene.