Friday, 6 December 2013

I am smiling way too much lately. This will surely backfire; I will exhaust all my good will and feel miserable for a decade, but at this moment, I am in a ridiculously good mood (considering). I say considering, because the selling is slow, the weather is stupid cold and some people that pass by are mental patients by even the most generous of standards ... I won't even go into the music. No wonder there are so many suicides during holidays. This is a trial. And still I feel all shiny. Could be my neighbouring huttie, who always seems to be perky and radiant (and this draws more customers in) or it could be, from time to time, that my face has frozen and I can't get it  unstuck from the permafrost grin mode. Could be. Few days ago I saw a man pass by, who normally gives me very provocative, very daring looks, often enough for me to blush and look down. It's just this thing we do; we never talk, we just acknowledge each other in passing. This time he was looking down, regretful. No idea why, but that completely threw me. The universe came unhinged. That has to be fixed. That's possibly another reason why I'm doing it. Smilling like a silly person. Getting coffee, I gave the warmest of all helloes anyone has ever given to anyone to a man I recognised a second too late to realise I've just goomorninged my former a father-in-law (a man who never had a good thing to say to or about me. ) But he didn't recognise me either, so, upon reflex, he goodmorninged me right back.
           This smiling shit is serious. I feel safer playing with matches than warm seasonal greeting thrown all around..