Saturday, 7 December 2013

One of those perfect Fridays again :D

LoL, what a day, yesterday :D I wrote some about it in the previous post, but it didn’t end there. Yesterday was, as said, one of those days, polluted with smiling. :D It starts with me saying a heartily hello to my former father-in-law, who didn't recognize me, because he never actually bothered to look at me in the years I was married to his girly son. Then, for the second time in three days, a man who is supposed to look at me, didn't. This led to a fully fledged realization, that under twenty seven odd layers of winter/ski clothes, with a frozen face, red nose and an ugly wool cap so thick it would stop a bullet, I may in fact be a) too ugly or b) unrecognizable. Then several people came to see me and the last of those was a drunken bum who plays the guitar and has long philosophical debates with anyone who doesn't run away to escape him. He's always avoided me so far, as I can be quite harsh on hustlers. He paused before me and indicated with his fingers I should force my mouth in to a grin. I obliged. Then he ungrinned it and I frowned. The moment later he was about to wink at me and I winked first. Can't say why, but that was a really fun half a minute spent. My phone ran out of battery (the frost) and Maja was coming to cheer me up after the day of sub zero hospitality business. (I mean selling greeting cards, not prostitution.) While I was waiting for her to deliver organic juices to a Bio shop down the street (this is still literal, still not prostitution and pull your mind out of the gutter, will ya?), I pulled all my detective, gossiping and network skills to find out where a guy from earlier will be tonight (I looked at his Facebook page), which was an odd two birds with one stone, because a few hours earlier a young eager painter invited me to his opening for the, eh, umpteenth time in the last decade and I always squirmed out of it. Even though I know how good it feels to have a full room of people on your opening. Actually I don't, ’cause usually it's just my parents, my two besties and myself. But anyways. The gallery was just at the end of our street and so to warm up and pay one guy a polite visit and the other guy an investigative one, Maja and I headed there early. The first second it was okay. There were some polite ‘good evenings’ from all the right people and I was ready to leave, content, having paid a respectful enough compliment to the author of the art. I even ran into a man who wielded a brand new Canon Mark X and got into a proffie conversation with him. He invited me to bring my own card and we can go test drive it sometimes. Once again, that was a completely photographic invitation, zero flirtation involved. Do people really think I can’t invite someone over for coffee without wanting to strip them with my teeth?? That’s just the smiling talking! I’m just being hyper flirtations with costumers so they would buy my cards!! .. And also, I am so tired all the time, I THINK I have sex every day, I just can’t tell for sure. I may. There’s some evidence to that effect, I just only remember some restless sleeping, not much else. Can’t ask the General, because he’s already polishing his guns after I said I considered asking a guy out for friggin’ coffee at 8 am in a public place. That man has the jealousy threshold of a nuclear reactor. Anyhoo. On to the gory stuff. The minutes were passing fine, very pleasant and I wasn’t about to pass out from fatigue at all!, thawing gently, lungs expanding again, when my nasal capillaries were so shocked we were actually in a room that wasn’t minus 8, they exploded. I started bleeding like a struck pig and continued to do that until we left again and stood outside in the winter night for a quarter hour. Maja continued to supply kiddy hankies and I continued to stuff them up my snout, tasting blood in my teeth. Ick. Not sexy, by any standards. We missed the movie we were going to see to begin with, so we roused one another with the prospect of an Interspar salad, something we both like. Ahh… That was romantic. A mall cafeteria, cleaning ladies closing it and two dead tired besties slowly, silently chewing on raw veggies :D It was divine. There was some pain involved, because I am physically able to shed only some of my layers in a crowded shopping building and the rest boil me up until my feet ached from heat, but okay. At that point I was beyond caring that outside I look pale blue and indoors I look bright cooked purple, with bloody crust in my nose and blood under my fingernails. I wiped my snout so many times these days it’s half the size anyways. We made another round for kids slippers for her little ones and then sat down for a few minutes to have some dessert. I had ‘Threehead’, named after a God in our old folklore or the mountain named after him, a small but increasingly delicious sweet with an odd thin crust over it, soft foamy cheese structure and blueberries or some such inside. It was perfect, except for the fact that by then, I was almost asleep. Stupid happy, very glad I was out and enjoying the company immensely, just… zombified. Every debate had to be carefully started, because I kept losing thread mid sentence :D Mostly I was just smiling like a fat, fed happy baby. It wasn’t even ten when Maja drove me home, and I tumbled up the stairs and into my nice, chilly home. I left the butter outside this morning, which wasn’t wise – I like my butter a bit soft, so you can actually smear it, so I keep the fridge on only one dash, but left on the counter it was rock hard and I need to put it back overnight to thaw it. On that note, the building is almost finished, so they took off the blinds and I no longer feel like I exist in a very cold, pitch black cave. General was bearishly sleeping, so I crawled into the nest, an ice cube that I was, kissed and passed out while he neatly tucked the blankies all around me..