Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Good Wife and otherwise updates

Another sizzling great episode of the Good Wife (you gotsta be invested into te whole Will-Alicia war of roses to get the full impact, but for those that are not up to date, there's always my beloved John Noble flashing through encore. In his original accent, no less! And also Nathan Lane, he is the best.)

Boy, oh, boy, I have like five posts standing by since the start of the fair and no time (not to mention NO PICKIES! to show for!) No time, because I actually work 9 hours a day now, in sub zero temperatures and knit like the devil was naked, and no pickies because I have very little opportunity to collect and put off my gear and wound rather not keep a whole bag of camera equipment in - 2°C  environment for five hours. The weather may pick up in Saturday, so perhaps then. Though my hut is adorable :D (Now.)

Here's some of the notes from three days ago...

Aww, the first day of fair... I feel like an old school field reporter, typing the piece in situ while the chitter chatter is happening around... Well, it's three thirty PM on a Saturday November and the rain is starting to play a number .. But there's actually a few people around. Better yet, it wasn't much, but I actually sold a couple of cards already. 
       The morning was delightfully busy. I carried four rounds of heavy lifting down the longest street in town, pass a whole truck full of trapist cheese loafs and a whole lot of people setting up their little stands offering socks made in Taiwan and jewelry made by the blind. On my left is a lovely babe with short hair (why is that such a turn on lately? Short black hair and dark brown eyes and I am all interested in what they have to say.. Since when am I the looks person?) with semi precious stones and on my right ... I actually have no idea, because they made no effort to notice me. All in all, there isn't much here yet to chose from, but one stand is selling very interesting over-skirts and leg warmers and right in my eyeful is the stand with hot chips. Ogling will have to do for today, I remain on a steady diet of chocolate and tea. I lasted for four and a half hours before peeing, then had to cave in and that was of course the exact minute General came to visit me, returning from his classes. We set up the pottery impro stove, even though right now the only thing I'm cold in is the feet. Feet you just can't keep warm when not moving. There's no socks to help you there. I wonder if the Uggies work in these conditions. Also, I kind of miss my pets. 
        Hard to describe how I set everything up. There will be pickies, promises!  :)) I felt as if I was in a hurry, so there was a bit of nervousness. But I locked myself into the hut and dressed the walls in nicer colours, then hung the drawings and then wound a yarn thrice around the hut to make for a sort of washing line. I used cute pastel pegs to hang the cards. In one corner there's my best painting - the uncanny fisherboy- and in the other books with my rag doll on top. Now, transformed, the hut is actually quite inviting. I can totally see myself spending a month here. But ask me again in a week's time.. I'm wearing make- up to accentuate my smiles and I smile a lot. This is me practising customer relations. I've had to turn down a marriage proposal and another gentleman mistook me for Drej. Which is a kind of a compliment and I am always happy to be mistaken for lovely ladies. 
    Not at all dreadful for the first day. The iPad has a clock, so now I'll continue to count down the minutes, as earlier I was without a watch and time just flew. Hm.. Someone (when they were cleaning, I suppose) threw out my fruit crates.. I was gonna use them for a nice hanging spot for the drawings. Not sure that'll be necessary anymore. And Maja R. posted various artists performing Hallelujah and suddenly I am back in Startracker again, it's winter and the General is spying on me from afar - just obvious enough to make the game compelling..
Hah! Hah! And this just made my whole day :D
Lego Azog! 
Poor Gundabad boys. You just can't take them seriously.