Thursday, 26 December 2013

Riddick movie and Philomena

Oddly enough, I didn't find this one as terrible as I was afraid, either... Or maybe these are just the sort of movies I find entertaining. There was so much feminist h8 regarding Dahl going on when i was checking out the reviews, normally I'd agree. But Riddick is a beast, not a civilised creature, so his "balls deep in" remarks are kind of hot. It didn't seem to particularly offend Dahl. Or the fact the actress had to show her Predator Pink nipples. It wasn't over the top. She was a neat touch of feminine in a particularly dirty testosterone-dense world. Their scenes, even the scene at the end, when she extracts him, straddling him as he invited her earlier, that's kind of sexy. Come on - Vin Diesel and Katee Sackhoff getting it on? Hello? Who wouldn't want to get in the middle of that action? ... Or maybe I'm just the least of feminist females out there.

I can imagine, the maker of the movie, Twohy, got a lot of grief for the Chronicles, and people wanted to see more of the original. So he gave them full original return, down to almost the exact script. With some extra venom. In Pitch black, the victims are mostly civilians, but here, when the monsters attack, the professional muscle has the same amount of odds, namely because it's the human factor that decimates the population, not the environment. Also, the role of Santana was excellent. It's just how I imagine egomaniacal head hunters to be.

... In contrast, Maja and I went to see Philomena. I thank her for the experience deeply. My one thought towards the end of the film was - I would strangle those nuns like chickens, with my bare hands ... only I have absolutely nothing against chickens. Kudos to Mrs. Dench and Coogan. I don't normally swear by him, but he nailed the world-weary role of a cynical journalist to the brim.