Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thou do not piss off the General ..

Ayh, G is in a rotten mood. Granted, it's me who put him there and I am good at dodging, but he's been looking to murder someone for days now. Yesterday he spooked little Nejc like a Goliath and the day before that he took on a whole ansamble of construction workers because someone scratched our car on the parking lot. But those were just pre-eruption rumbles. Today it came out full force on the postman who allowed the neighbour lady to sign for our blue mail, thus causing the enclosed procedure to deadline without us knowing about it. I don't know how he would normally do it, but today he did it like a force of God and the poor mailman probably won't sleep without a night lamp for a year. I know it's a sick kick to see him so furious, there's something super sexy and passionate about him ... I just wish I was a better person and take the blame. But naa :DI'm a bitch. Nice when nice is due is okay. Wrath of Titans when wrath is due is hot.