Thursday, 16 March 2017

This morning the cat stepped into my eye… No, it was not a magical, Labyrinth-like occurrence. It literally stepped into my eye. We were playing and she tried to – very gently – tap my face, to which the idiotic eye failed to close. I have no idea how this will bode for the eyeball, considering she uses that paw to cover her toilet contributions, but I am guessing this watering and itching is going to continue for a little bit.

On the plus side, I’ve been drawing so much yesterday that the inflated nerve in the basin of my palm that's been causing me Hell suddenly decided it's okay now. I wonder sometimes if the body is just running random check-ups of the nerve system, picking at chance bits in the “ahah, the nerves in this part are good. Moving on...” style.

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PS Drej taught me that these quatation marks form is called: Citroenlings.... How adorable is that? :D